Orangery is a Python library to support analysis of topographic cross-sections, particularly on stream channels. The intent is to enable the user to write simple scripts that operate on CSV data exported from a survey data collector. Documentation Status

Orangery was initially a single script that allowed me to segregate, by grain size, changed areas on repeat topographic cross-sections. It can produce output plots like the one below.


Orangery 0.4.1 depends on:


To install from the Python Package Index:

$pip install orangery

To install from the source distribution execute the setup script in the orangery directory:

$python install

To install from Anaconda Cloud:

If you are starting from scratch the first thing to do is install the Anaconda Python distribution, add the necessary channels to obtain the dependencies and install orangery.

$conda config --append channels conda-forge
$conda config --append channels mrahnis
$conda install orangery

To install from the source distribution:

Execute the setup script in the surficial directory:

$python install


The example scripts may be run like so:





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