tools Package

plotting Module, ax=None)

Add annotation to a plot to identify individual polygons.

Parameters:ax (Axis) – matplotlib Axis to which to add annotation.
Returns:patched matplotlib Axis.
Return type:ax (Axis), ax, scale, axis='x')

Get the scale factor needed to obtain a desired scale in x-axis units per inch.

  • fig (Figure) – the figure to scale.
  • ax (Axis) – the axis to scale.
  • scale (int or float) – the desired output scale.

the scale factor to apply to the figure size.

Return type:

scale_factor (float), ax=None, fill_ec='black', fill_fc='none', fill_hatch='...', fill_label=None, cut_ec='black', cut_fc='none', cut_hatch='x', cut_label=None)

Adds two groups of polygon patches to a matplotlib Axis.

Fill and label first polygon of each type separately, otherwise make sequential call to fill.

  • ax (Axis) – matplotlib Axis to which to add polygon patches.
  • fill_ec (str) – fill polygon edge color.
  • fill_fc (str) – fill polygon face color.
  • fill_hatch (str) – fill polygon hatch pattern.
  • fill_label (str) – fill polygon label.
  • cut_ec (str) – cut polygon edge color.
  • cut_fc (str) – cut polygon face color.
  • cut_hatch (str) – cut polygon hatch pattern.
  • cut_label (str) – cut polygon label.

patched matplotlib Axis.

Return type:

ax (Axis)

opus Module